How do I add or modify DNS records?

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2019-09-07 17:31

1.  Log in to your Client Area - Click Here.

2.  Click on the "Domains" dropdown menu and click on "My Domains".

 3. Locate the "domain" that requires DNS changes and click on the "Active" link that is next to it.

4.  Click on the "Manage DNS" link that is located in the Manage menu on the left of the page

 5. In "DNS Manager" you can edit an exiting record by editing the RDATA field or click on Add Record to add a new one.

When adding a new DNS record:
- Enter the name of the record in the Name field.
- Select the type of record from the Type dropdown list.
- Enter the TTL (Time to Live) value in the TTL field.
- Depending on the type of DNS record, enter the required CNAME / IP Address / TXT record in the RDATA field.
- Click on "Add Record".

6. Click on "Save Changes" when done editing / adding DNS records.

 Kindly note that DNS record change require several hours to propagate and typically take up to 12 hours to reflect.

See our video tutorials, click here.

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