Blue Mail for Cellphone - Setup IMAP or POP

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2020-07-27 22:16

1. You need to download and install the Blue Mail app on your mobile device.

2. Launch the Blue Mail application from the home screen.

blue mail

3. Tap the ADD OTHER ACCOUNT option.

email blue

3. Tap Other Email


4. Enter complete e-mail and associated Password of the account. Deselect the Automatic option and Tap Next to proceed.

imap email

5. Tap the IMAP or POP as the account type to be configured.

imap pop email

6. E-mail Secure settings


7. Enter your email address and Username which is your full email address then enter your password.

8. Server name for incoming and outgoing mail will be (

9. Incoming Port for IMAP is 993 and for POP is 995

10. Outgoing Port is 587

11. Security can be set to STARTTLS, if that does not work use NONE.

12. Authentication is set to PLAIN.


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