Email - How do I create an email account in my client area?

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2019-09-19 09:43

1. Log in to your Client Area - Click Here.

2. Click on the "Services" drop down link and then click on "My Services"

3. Find the hosting package to add e-mails to and click on the "Active" link.

4. Scroll down to the "Product Tools" and click on Emails.

5. Click on "Add Email" button.

6. Enter your required email, then enter a password and confirm password.  To set the email to unlimited quota leave the "Quota" box blank which is the size of your allocated disc space (this is standard), unless you want a limit on your email boxes, then you can add an amount in as per the image below. Then click on "Create Email Account". Your email has now been created. (Please make a copy of the password for future reference)

To get an e-mail only hosting package click here.

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